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How much super do I need?

A recent study found that, to retire comfortably, men aged 30 now will need $1.58 million – and for women the figure is $1.76 million (thanks to a longer life expectancy).

While studies like this highlight the importance of preparing for retirement, they can leave you feeling helpless. In truth, everyone has different needs, so it’s far more productive to focus on your individual needs and setting goals appropriate to you.

To get an idea of how much super you need to retire, try the ASIC super and retirement calculators or book your free initial consultation with Club Plus Financial Planning on (02) 9376 9422.


I've changed jobs

Congratulations! New jobs bring new beginnings, new contacts and new opportunities.

If you’re an existing member of Club Plus Super, it’s easy to retain your insurance and other benefits. Simply give your new employer a Super Choice Fund Nomination form and ask them to pay your super to your Club Plus Super account.

To join Club Plus Super, one of Australia’s best value funds, simply visit our online joining facility.

Once you’re signed up, give your employer a Super Choice Fund Nomination form and ask them to contribute to your Club Plus Super account.


I've got super everywhere

It can be easy to lose track of your super, especially if you’ve had numerous jobs. If you want to save on unnecessary fees and get your super working hard for you, it’s important to consolidate it in one account.

You might even have super you’ve completely forgotten about. If so, you’re not alone. Australians have a total of $17.4 billion in lost super - that’s an estimated $2,585 per working Australian.

Our online consolidation tool makes finding and consolidating your super quick and easy, so you can stop wasting your hard-earned retirement money.


I'm saving for a house

It’s the Australian dream and, for an increasing number of us, owning a house will remain just that – a dream. If you want to turn your property dream into a reality, Club Plus Super offers a wealth of products, services and information to help you achieve it.

We can help you save towards your property goals, plan for your future and protect your income.

To kick-start you property dreams toward reality, book your free initial consultation with Club Plus Financial Planning on (02) 9376 9422 or book online.


When can I retire?

That’s a personal question which demands an equally personal answer. Luckily you’ve come to the right place, because we pride ourselves on our truly personal level of service.

As we all have different needs and aspirations, the best way to establish when you can retire is with the guidance of a professional financial adviser. Through Club Plus Financial Planning you have access to top-quality financial advice at an exceptionally low cost – and your initial consultation is free.

You can also get an idea of when you can retire with the ASIC super and retirement calculators , or attend a free retirement workshop near you.


I want to protect my family

Insurance is often low on the priority list, but your decision to click on this topic today could be the most important step you’ll ever take toward protecting your family.

Club Plus Super offers convenient and affordable access to life and income protection insurance. With low premiums automatically paid from your super account – not your wallet – we provide a tax-effective way to secure protection for you and your family.

Our team at Club Plus Financial Planning can also ensure you’ve got enough cover to support your family if you’re no longer around, or can’t work due to illness or injury.

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