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Industry and personal super ratings


For 11 years, our Super product has achieved the highest platinum rating by SuperRatings. Furthermore, our Cash option was again the best performer in its category, with the fund being awarded the SR50 Best Cash award for the 2015-2020 period.


Industry division


Personal division


SelectingSuper AAA rating

The AAA Quality Assessment is based on Rainmaker Information's ongoing research program that analyses and reviews our superannuation products based on:

  • organisational strength
  • investments
  • insurance
  • fees and services
  • member communications and engagement.
What is Rainmaker Information?

Rainmaker Information independently assesses and awards consistent and top-performing investment managers and superannuation funds using Rainmaker's data and research.

SelectingSuper – Rainmaker excellence finalists
Risk Adjusted Performance SSA Finalists 2019

In the 2019 Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards, which recognises the best superannuation and providers and industry leaders in Australia, Club Plus Super was a finalist for: Best Risk-Adjusted Performance