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For Businesses

BARCATS is all about providing the ultimate in flexible staffing solutions, with the benefit of monthly subscriptions and PAYG options. Access the community for 'rockstars' for one night only, someone to fill the void during a holiday vacancy or full time/permanent staff. Businesses can access the community via their preferred search criteria including staff ratings, location, experience and availability. BARCATS understands that no two venues are the same, therefore the portal offers a completely customisable and flexible experience based on your individual staffing needs.

For Staff

BARCATS has been designed to support your career development by providing you ultimate exposure to prospective employers. The community offers the opportunity for hospitality professionals to register for free; for Baristas, Bar and Wait Staff, Cleaners, Chefs and Cooks. If you are looking to work locally, it will be easy to find local hospitality jobs, or if you are looking for a few shifts to supplement your current position, keep your online schedule updated to ensure that employers can identify you as a 'perfect match'. You can register, search, apply and connect as often as you like.

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