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RSL LifeCare Homes for Heroes

Club Plus Super is proud of the various community initiatives that are an integral part of the club industry.

Earlier this year, we interviewed Adrian Talbot, Executive Manager at Homes for Heroes, to hear about the rehabilitation program for homeless veterans.

About Adrian

As a Commando in the British Royal Marines, Adrian was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006.  He was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and medically discharged after 8 years of service. He understands the struggles of adjusting to life when you come home and the effects of PTSD. In 2009, Adrian also considered taking his own life whilst in a depressive state and being heavily medicated on drugs.

Sport played a big role in his rehabilitation.  At the 2014 Invictus Games, Adrian represented Australia in swimming and cycling events. He won 2 Gold medals for 50m freestyle and breastroke. The games bring service men and women together from all over the world. Adrian felt inspired by the spirit of the games to help others like him who struggle to integrate back into society. Adrian is the Clubs NSW Invictus Ambassador for 2018.

Need more information?

For more information about their services and the Homes for Heroes program, go to or call them on 02 9982 6666.

To view Homes for Heroes on ClubTV, click here