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Generation Y believes superannuation should be taught in school

Generation Y believes superannuation should be taught in school

Herald Sun | 10 February 2017

FOUR out of five young Australians say they were never taught at school about superannuation, despite it being the largest asset they may ever own.

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Screen Shot How To Become Super Millionaire

How to become a superannuation millionaire

news.com.au | 11 July 2016

Industry superannuation fund Club Plus Super believes that proposed changes to the superannuation system set to come into effect as early as next year may make it easier for more Australians to achieve millionaire status through their superannuation.

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Screen Shot 2016 03 15 At 9.53.35 Am

Grattan Institute: Australians being ripped off $8 billion in excessive superannuation fees

news.com.au | 8 March 2016

FEES charged by superannuation funds are stripping billions of unnecessary dollars from people’s life savings each year. Rapid growth of the super savings pool — from $650 billion a decade ago to more than $2 trillion today — has pushed total fees above $21 billion annually,

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Screen Shot 2016 02 25 At 2.02.59 Pm


Herald Sun | 14 January 2016

MILLIONS of clocks are ticking for every Australian aged under 60 who wants to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in their later years. While thinking about the year ahead, take a few minutes to plan beyond that, and understand how small financial changes today can pay huge benefits over

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Daily Telegraph | 25 August 2015

Just $10 a week of voluntary superannuation contributions can make a massive difference to the size of your final nest egg. Club Plus Super CEO Paul Cahill explains how saving enough money for retirement is a lot easier when you throw a little volunteer work into the mix.

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645728 58049cf6 2081 11e5 Ac54 01dd930c27e7 HOW TO BE A SUPER HERO
News.com.au | 13 July 2015

Club Plus Super Head of Marketing, Brand & Strategy, Stefan Strano, gives some advice for setting up strategies for the new financial year to help save money at tax time and build your superannuation or nest egg.

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CANSTAR | 7 May 2015

Club Plus Super was awarded a five star rating in every category by CANSTAR. CANSTAR interviewed Club Plus Super on their views on a number of superannuation issues.

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113263 7cee87b8 E722 11e4 A30f C66423242607 DON'T RUN OUT
News.com.au | 27 April 2015

As Australians are living longer there is increasing concern that many will run out of money after retirement. Club Plus Super CEO, Paul Cahill, talks about how to plan for retirement.

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638088 E96f7c70 B8a2 11e4 Adb0 Aafb6625cc66 CUTTING SUPER FUND FEES AND SAVE THOUSANDS
News.com.au | 9 March 2015

Club Plus Super CEO, Paul Cahill, stresses the importance of knowing what fees your fund is charging you and how fees can affect the balance of your super fund. He offers advice on how to ensure that your fund isn’t ‘ripping you off’.

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Financial Observer | 27 February 2015

In a survey of some of its members, Club Plus Super found that the majority of members cited household financial commitments as the biggest impediment to topping up their super.

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211194 A1848954 B88a 11e4 A5f5 F6d8716b3afa SAVING IN SUPER NOT ALWAYS BEST CHOICE
Courier Mail | 20 February 2015

With falling interest rates, having large amounts of money invested in cash through your super fund may not be the best option. Club Plus Super CEO, Paul Cahill, warned that once money has been withdrawn from super in the form of cash it cannot be reinvested.

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Club Plus Logo Your Club Lockup Colour Final CLUB PLUS DOUBLES FINANCIAL ADVICE TEAM
Investment Magazine | 19 January 2015

Following advice from its members, Club Plus Super, has doubled the number of online financial advisors available for clients. The move seeks to ensure that members are offered essential advice and help with their super options, including free seminars and greater ease in using online platforms.

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847494 1fa696d6 923b 11e4 Bc6b 907820ff8cd7 SLOW TRACK TO THE SUPER MILLION
Daily Telegraph | 2 January 2015

According to Club Plus Super CEO, Paul Cahill, people who have a million dollars in their super share a number of commonalties in their super strategy. He shared a number of key tips to help people grow their superannuation.

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