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What you pay with Club Plus Super

An example of the fees payable on a $50,000 balance

MySuper optionFee applicableBalance of $50,000
Contribution FeeNILThere is no cost incurred for a contribution into the Fund.
Administration Fee$1.80 per week (2)$93.60 p.a.
Investment Fees1.03% (1)$516
Asset Based Fee0.20% (of account balance)$100
TOTAL COST$100 Total cost If your balance was $50,000, for that year you will be charged fees of $710 (2)
  1. Current as at 1 October 2017.
  2. Note: Additional fees may apply. And, if you leave the superannuation entity, you will be charged an exit fee of $55 and a buy/sell spread which also applies whenever you make a contribution, exit, rollover or investment switch. The buy/sell spread for exiting is 0.15% (this will equate to $75 for every $50,000 you withdraw).