Term Deposits

Term Deposits provide a rate of return advised in advance, for an agreed period of time.

The following table outlines key features of investing in Term Deposits.

Terms 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 months.
Minimum / Maximum deposit The minimum investment in each Term Deposit is $5,000, up to a maximum of 80% of your Club Plus subject to a maximum investment in term deposits of $1,000,000. The reason for a maximum deposit amount is so any fees or premiums can be deducted from your balance without breaking your investment in the Term Deposit option.
Earnings Earnings payable from the Term Deposits are payable at maturity. It is at this point in time that any tax on earnings will be deducted from your DIO cash account. When 30 June occurs during the term, the Annual Member Statement will not reflect any accrued earnings or tax applicable to the Term Deposit.
How do I invest? Investments in Term Deposits can be made by logging on to your Direct Investment Option. You must have available cash in your Direct Investment Option account before you can purchase a Term Deposit.
Checking investments online You can track your Term Deposits online by going to MemberAccess and clicking through to the Direct Investment Option area. When investing in Term Deposits, you will see on-screen confirmation that your term deposit application has been received.
What happens at maturity? For Term Deposits invested online through the DIO, you will receive an email approximately two weeks prior to maturity. If you have not selected a rollover option, your Term Deposit proceeds return to your Direct Investment Option cash account. Your selection must be requested online via the Direct Investment Option website only. It is not possible to provide your selection by email.

More information

For more information about investing your super in Term Deposits through the Direct Investment Option, please read our Investment Booklet or call 1800 680 627 to order a mailed copy.

For more information about investing your pension in Term Deposits through the Direct Investment Option, please read our Pension Product Disclosure Statement or call 1800 204 194 to order a mailed copy.