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Unit Pricing

Unit prices give you a ‘snapshot’ of what your super or pension is worth at a given point in time. While it’s great to know how your money is tracking, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture.

What are unit prices?

Unit prices allow you to see changes in your account balance on a daily basis.

When you invest in one of Club Plus Super's investment options, your money is placed together with other members who have chosen the same option. To allow you to easily see how much your investment is worth, the proportion of the investments that you own is represented by a number of units, the value of which changes each business day as financial markets move. This is similar to holding shares in a listed company.

How do I check my balance and track performance?

You can see the number of units you own and the latest unit price for the investment option(s) that you hold by logging into MemberAccess.

Unit prices are also published on our website under the ‘Investments’ section.

Stay focussed on your goals

Unit prices will vary according to investment performance and the unit price of an investment option may fluctuate quite significantly on a daily basis (which can be positive and/or negative). These movements are ultimately reflected in your account balance.

When checking your account balance it is important to remember the length of time that your money will be invested. Most people’s super is invested until at least the age of 55, so if you’re 35 (for example) your investment ‘time horizon’ is a minimum of 20 years. As that is a relatively long time, it’s important to focus on your investment’s long term performance rather than its daily, weekly or monthly value fluctuations.

More information

To check the current unit prices of the different investment options, refer to the superannuation and pension unit pricing sections of the website.

To read more about how unit pricing works, including the current buy/sell spreads, refer to the Investment Booklet (which can be found in the Forms and publications section of our website).