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How your money is invested

If you don’t make an investment choice when you open your super account, your super will be invested in the MySuper investment option. The MySuper option is best suited to people with medium to long-term investment horizon that are comfortable with a medium level of risk. Depending on your time to retirement and your tolerance for risk, a different investment option may be a better choice for you to consider.

How to choose an option

Why is choosing an investment option important?

Choosing a suitable investment option could have a significant impact on the amount of money you will have in retirement. We want you to make a considered choice about your future.

When choosing an investment option or options, it’s important to remember that:

  • super is meant to be a long-term investment
  • higher risk assets offer higher potential long-term returns than lower risk investments (risk versus return)
  • although assets like cash are less vulnerable to market volatility, the risk of them not beating inflation over time is higher.

What do you need to consider when making an investment choice?

Choosing a suitable investment generally comes down to your tolerance for risk and the time you have available to invest.

Attitude to risk - There are two important risks in super that affect your attitude to risk:

  • Inflation risk: The goal of your super is to build enough money for retirement. This means your investment needs to outperform inflation. If it doesn’t, the money in your super will buy less in the future than it would if you could access it today.
  • Market volatility: Compared to lower-risk investments, higher-risk investments have greater potential to outperform inflation over time. Due to their exposure to share markets, the value of high-risk investments can go down as well as up, sometimes dramatically. It’s worth considering how comfortable you are with the value of your super balance fluctuating over the life of your investment – remembering that super is meant to be a long-term investment.

You can find out more about risks in our Investment Booklet.

Your investment time horizon - Your investment time horizon is how long you intend to invest your money for, both in super and throughout your retirement. If you’re young and just starting your working life, you might have an investment time horizon of several decades. This allows you to ride out the ups and downs in investment markets. However, the closer you are to retirement or if you are in retirement perhaps, taking less risk becomes increasingly important because you don’t have as much time to recover from potential negative returns from unexpected market events.

What type of investor are you?

We’ve created three profiles that match how long you have to invest with appropriate investment options.


Starting out - You’ve recently started your working life. Your main objectives may be to grow your super as much as possible and beat inflation significantly. You can afford to be invested in higher-risk options that aim to deliver higher long-term returns. Of course, there will be periods of short-term volatility along the way which could mean periods of negative returns, but your super has time to recover. It’s worth considering how comfortable you are with the value of your super going up and down when choosing an appropriate investment option.

Time to invest in super: More than 20 years

Options to consider:

On your way - You’ve been on your super journey for a while now. It might be worth considering time you have left to invest. If your super looks like falling short, you still have time to catch up by maintaining an exposure to high-risk options, however, consider your attitude to market fluctuations when choosing any investment option. With less time to recover from any negative returns, it’s best to seek financial advice before investing in higher-risk options to close any savings gap.

Time to invest in super: Five to 20 years

Options to consider:


  • MySuper/Balanced
  • Growth
  • High Growth


For further information about suggested investment timeframes and risk levels refer to the Investment Booklet.

Almost there - Retirement is less than five years away, so stable returns may be your biggest consideration. With less time to recover from market volatility, lower-risk options are generally most appropriate for you. If your super is not quite on track, it may still be possible to reduce the shortfall with additional personal contributions and having a measured exposure to high-risk options. Before investing in high-risk options at this late stage of your super journey, it’s vital to first seek financial advice. Your adviser can provide other strategies to boost your super, too.

Time to invest in super: Less than five years

Options to consider:

  • Conservative Balanced
  • Cash

For further information about suggested investment timeframes and risk levels refer to the Investment Booklet.

Your super shouldn’t retire when you do
If you want to draw a pension from your super in retirement, your investment options need to continue working hard even when you’re not. With most of us living longer than ever, it’s never been more important to ensure your super is invested to last. Some of the information provided here does not apply to Pension and Transition to Retirement products. You should refer to the relevant PDS for further information about the investment options offered in Pension and TTR.

How to nominate/change an investment option

There are two ways to make an investment choice for your superannuation account:

  1. Register / login to MemberAccess, go to 'Investments>Investment Enquiry' and click on 'Change Investments'.
  2. For super accounts, complete a Member Investment Choice Form - Industry or Member Investment Choice Form – Personal as applicable to your membership division.
  3. For pension accounts, complete a Pension Member Change of Details Form.

What if I don’t make an investment choice?

If you do not select an investment option, your super will be invested in the MySuper option.

If you open a Pension or Transition to Retirement Pension account and you do not select an investment option, your money will be invested in the same investment option(s) that your superannuation account was invested in prior to the transfer.

We're here to help

While your super is designed to become one of your biggest assets by the time you retire, it’s important to consider your situation before making a decision. We offer personal guidance about your super inside the fund at no extra cost – this is a benefit of membership. For assistance, call 1800 680 627 between 8am and 6pm AEST, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry or discuss your options with your local member services manager.

Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and returns are not guaranteed.