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Club Plus Super investment table


Designed for members who do not want any reduction in the capital value of their account balance and who accept they may receive a lower long-term return compared to other options.

Conservative Balanced

Designed to suit members who have a conservative outlook to investing.

MySuper / Balanced

Aims to produce a steady rate of return to members with a medium to high level of volatility by investing in a diverse range of asset classes.


Designed to suit members who understand that there will be volatility associated with a growth oriented investment.

High Growth

The High Growth option has been designed to suit members who can absorb the volatility associated with a growth oriented investment. This option is likely to be more volatile than the Growth option.

Australian Shares

Gives Club Plus members the opportunity to have their funds invested with investment managers who invest solely in the Australian share market in listed companies. Members should understand that there is a high degree of volatility with this option.

International Shares

Designed for members with a long term investment horizon (ten years or more) who are seeking International equity returns and can tolerate very high levels of volatility.