Where you invest today can make a big difference to your future lifestyle. When tracking the performance of your super or pension there are many factors to consider. Knowing what type of investor you are is vital to determining what investment is right for you at each stage of your life.

When choosing which option(s) to invest in you should consider the likely investment return, the risk involved and your investment timeframe. For more information refer to the Investment Booklet

How your investment returns are calculated

Prior to 20 March 2017, Club Plus Super used crediting rates to apply the returns for each investment option to members. Since converting to unit pricing, investment returns are now reflected in the unit price of each option.

Unit prices are calculated at the close of business day and are based on the market value of assets after the deduction of fees and taxes.

More information

To read more about how unit pricing works, please refer to the Investment Booklet.

To check the current unit prices of the different super and pension investment options, refer to the investment performance section of our website.

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