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Short Term Income Protection (STIP) premium changes

From 1 October 2021, we are changing the STIP premium rates to offset the recent Superannuation Guarantee (SG) increase from 9.5% to 10%.

Our STIP product is linked to your employer SG, therefore from 1 July when the SG increased, your premiums slightly increased as a result. To ensure members are not financially disadvantaged by this SG increase, we are reducing our premiums to offset this change. This change will take effect from 1 October however will be backdated to 1 July when the SG changed to make sure no members are out of pocket. No action needs to be taken by you as this will automatically occur. The new rates are outlined below:

30-day Waiting Period 9.28% to 8.82%
45-day Waiting Period 7.88% to 7.49%
90-day Waiting Period 4.62% to 4.39%

For more information please give us a call.

Insurance cover options

Insurance: What is it? Do you need it? Do you have it?

Death (including terminal illness) and TPD cover provides a lump sum payment to you or your dependants in the event of death, or you suffer from an illness or serious injury which makes it impossible for you to work. This insurance can help protect against unforeseen circumstances to ensure the ongoing well-being of you or your family members

Short Term Income Protection cover provides a replacement income of up to 80% (plus the employer Superannuation Guarantee contribution of 9.5%) for up to two years if you are unable to work temporarily due to illness or injury (conditions and waiting periods apply). This means you can continue to pay your bills while taking the time to recover.

Long Term Income Protection cover can provide replacement income of up to 75% (plus the employer Superannuation Guarantee contribution of 9.5%) until age 65. This cover complements the Short Term Income Protection cover as it has a two year waiting period.

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Insurance made for you

Insurance is not a “one-size fits all” solution, so our insurance offering is designed to be tailored based on the age of the member being insured.

We’ve set default insurance levels to align with member needs at certain ages and set the insurance premiums accordingly, making our insurance offerings affordable and sustainable.

Members wishing to apply for additional insurance can also access customised cover based on their age, increasing their cover through additional units or fixed cover.

Ins 1
Meet Lauren (19 years old)

Young and without debts, she doesn’t need a large amount of Death & TPD cover. But as she gets older, her needs will change.

Learn more.

Ins 2
Meet Peter (45 years old)

He has elected to increase his Death & TPD cover to ensure that he has enough cover for his current personal situation.

Learn more.

Ins 3
Meet John (35 years old)

His income is protected in case he cannot work which means he can maintain his lifestyle and keep paying his bills.

Learn more.

Not sure what cover you already have?

For assistance, call 1800 680 627 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday AEDT weekdays. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry or discuss your options with your local member services manager.


Why choose Club Plus Super cover?


Outstanding value

We offer great value options, helping you get the right insurance directly through your super.


Industry recognition

Club Plus Super has won a range of industry awards and endorsements.


Designed for members

We have designed our insurance to suit your needs at different stages in your life.