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Additional Cover

Members can take out additional cover

You can apply for extra Death, Terminal Illness & TPD insurance at any time. So, instead of having just one unit of cover, you can, say, have two or three units. The cost for the additional cover is worked out on a per unit basis and will depend on how much cover you want.

For additional cover, you will have to complete a Personal Statement form (industry and personal division). The maximum Death cover that can be provided is $5,000,000 and the maximum Terminal Illness & TPD cover that can be provided is $3,000,000. The maximum Income Protection benefit is $30,000 per month.

Members can vary their cover

  1. Death & Terminal Illness only cover 
    You can choose to cancel the TPD cover attached to your Death and Terminal Illness Cover.
  2. Fixed Cover 
    If you wish to ensure that your Death, Terminal Illness & TPD cover does not reduce over time, you can change from unitised cover to fixed cover. The cost of this cover will vary each year based on your age. Full details on the cost of this cover can be viewed in the Industry Insurance Booklet and the Personal Insurance Booklet.

To change to Death & Terminal Illness only cover or to change to Fixed cover, you will need to complete an Insurance Variation, Cancellation or Reduction form.