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Meet Lauren (19 years old)

Before 1 October 2017

Lauren is a 19 year old student with default insurance providing $131,500 cover for Death and TPD. She is currently paying premiums of $166.40 per year ($3.20 x 52).

After 1 October 2017

From October 1, Lauren’s Death and TPD cover has reduced to $50,000. The annual premium will also reduce to $61.88 (Weekly premium for a member aged 20 next birthday $1.19 x 52 = $61.88).

Her new level of Death cover will eventually increase to $131,500 by age 35 when a higher level of death cover may be more relevant, however her TPD cover will remain at $50,000 until she reaches age 39, after which time it will begin to decrease over time.

Need more information?

Learn more in the Insurance Re-design Factsheet. For assistance, call 1800 680 627 between 8am and 6pm AEST weekdays, or alternatively, submit an enquiry.