Find lost super

As at 30 June 2018, Australians had $17.5 billion in 'lost' super waiting to be claimed - and some of it could be yours! ¹

Could you have lost super?

If you've changed jobs, addresses or names, you could be listed on the ATO's Lost Members Register. This is a list of accounts that super funds have reported as lost.

Find your lost super

Find out now if you own some of Australia’s $14 billion in lost super by using our SuperMatch2 service. Click here to search

OR just follow these three steps below:

1. Contact our member hotline

Contact our member hotline on 1800 680 627 between 8am and 6pm AEST.

2. Give us your consent to search

Give your consent for Club Plus Super to search for any lost super you might have sitting with the ATO and automatically roll it into your Club Plus Super account.

3. Use SuperMatch2 to find other funds

SuperMatch2 will also let you know if you have funds in other super accounts. All you need to do is tell us which ones you’d like to combine into your Club Plus Super account.