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What you pay with Club Plus Super

An example of the fees payable on a $50,000 balance

MySuper optionFee applicableBalance of $50,000
Contribution FeeNILThere is no cost incurred for a contribution into the Fund.
Administration Fee$1.80 per week$93.60 p.a.
Investment Fees 1,20.76% p.a.$380
Asset Based Fee0.20% (of account balance)$100
TOTAL COSTIf your balance was $50,000, for that year you will be charged fees of $574
  1. The investment fees shown are estimated by reference to investment related fees and costs, including underlying investment manager costs, incurred for the 12 month period to 30 June 2019. Accordingly, actual investment fees over the current period of the PDS will vary based on actual fees and costs incurred in that period.
  2. Investment Fees and Buy/Sell spreads for other investment options are shown in the Investment Fees table in the Member Booklet.