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Club Plus Super and SuperFriend – Partnership Launch

With so many of us spending so much of our time at work, our experience in the workplace can make or break our wellbeing.

When your job is working for you, you’re likely to be feeling a sense of purpose, achievement and connection to others. When it’s not, feelings of frustration or anxiety, for example, may be flowing through to your home life as well.

We know that financial, physical and mental health are often intertwined, and a workplace that promotes wellbeing can benefit everyone involved. Businesses improve productivity, retention and engagement, while workers experience greater job satisfaction, career progression, and improvements in general wellbeing.

That’s why through the support of our insurance provider OnePath we’ve partnered with SuperFriend. They are a workplace mental health organisation with a vision to make all Australian workplaces mentally healthy.

We’ll be working closely with our employers to understand how they can improve their organisation’s performance using SuperFriend tools and resources.

When workplaces are flourishing, our members can flourish too.

You can sign up for the SuperFriend newsletter for the latest tips on workplace mental health, explore their resources, or contact your member services manager to find out how your workplace could get involved.

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