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Keep it together

Did you know that, today, an 18-year-old can expect to have up to 17 different jobs across five careers in their lifetime?* With the days of ‘a job for life’ well and truly gone, it’s never been more important to keep your super together.

Break the cycle
It’s easy to end up with multiple super accounts: change job, new employer provides application forms for their preferred fund – and you sign them. Rinse and repeat. Although tempting to go with the flow, it’s important to break the cycle of collecting super accounts. Why? Because multiple super accounts mean multiple fees to erode your super balance and damage your retirement.
However, if you keep your super in one account, you’ll only pay one set of fees.

Roll it over
If you’ve managed to collect a few super accounts, it’s never too late to consolidate them. Deciding which one to keep can be tricky, though.

Here are three things to consider:

  • Compare the fees of each fund. Do the features, benefits and services they provide offer value for money?
  • How does the long-term performance of equivalent investment options stack up?
  • If you have insurance through your super, which provider offers the best cover and value? Remember, if you’re not sure which account to keep,
    a financial adviser can help you make the best choice

Take us with you
Club Plus Super is not just a fund for now – we’re your fund for life.
With our full suite of super, pension and insurance products, we welcome members from all industries and life stages. So, wherever your career leads, take us with you.

Looking for our choice of fund form? Download a copy here.