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Where are your super contributions going?

It doesn’t take a financial expert to tell you that having more than one superannuation fund is generally a bad idea. To put it simply, it makes it hard to keep track of your money when you’re paying fees for multiple accounts instead of paying just the one.

While it’s easy to put this issue on the backburner, it’s important to invest your retirement savings as soundly as possible.

Your job and your pay will change over the course of your working life. But the one constant you can choose to keep is having the same reliable super fund. You want a ‘forever home’ for your super that you can trust.

But if you have multiple accounts right now, how do you decide which one to pick and stick with?

We think there are three key reasons to bring your lost super home to Club Plus Super.

1. Industry leading returns

Out of the hundreds of Australian super funds, Club Plus Super has been ranked in the Top Five for returns for the last two years1.

In the most recent results, the average Australian super fund returned 9.20% for their members in the balanced investment option. Members with Club Plus Super’s MySuper/Balanced investment option, on the other hand, received a 10.82% return.

And when we look over 10 years, the MySuper investment option return of 6.55% places the fund ahead of the average. It’s good news all round!

2. Affordable, reliable insurance

Insurance is an issue that is too often overlooked when it comes to super. But investing your retirement savings with a fund like Club Plus Super means you can get cover for death and terminal illness, total and permanent disability, as well as income protection.

With premiums deducted from your employer contributions, having insurance in super is a smart way to ensure you and your family are covered for the unpredictable.

3. Attentive information and service

Club Plus Super may be large enough to achieve scale and excellent returns, but it is also small enough to provide personalised and attentive service to its members. Our Member Service Managers and in-house Contact Centre are available to provide you with that dedicated level of support.

The takeaway is simple: if you have multiple accounts, pick one, consolidate, and tell your employer to start directing your compulsory contributions there today.

Click here to download the super fund nomination form.

That way you can relax and focus on the things you want out of life today, knowing that tomorrow is in good hands.


1Kirby Rappell. 2018. Super members can expect a better second half to 2018. Available at:

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