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A CEO with a Plan: Stefan Strano has a clear vision for Club Plus Super

As featured in ClubsNSW Club Life Magazine (March 2018)

When Stefan Strano was appointed CEO of Club Plus Super last year, it was not just an endorsement of his approach but a vote of confidence in the organisation’s strategic direction.

As firstly Head of Marketing, Brand and Strategy, and now as CEO, Stefan has been the primary architect of the organisation’s blueprint for growth.

“When most people go for a job interview they try to sell themselves and try to explain why they would be great for the job,” Stefan says. “But in my interviews for the CEO role, I focused more on our business, our members, and our opportunities – and what we needed to do to bring it all together.”

“So, when I was subsequently appointed CEO it felt very humbling because it was an endorsement of a long- term vision that our whole leadership team had built.”

After working for some of the largest companies in the global financial sector over the past 20 years, Stefan has come to understand that bigger is not always better.

“Club Plus Super has 80,000 members – which is a lot of people by anyone’s standard,” he says.

“But in the context of the Australian superannuation industry where some funds have two million members, we’re a boutique fund. That means we can specialise in our sector and focus on meaningful member engagement.”

Stefan says individuals can feel lost in larger funds – which try to be all things to all people – but Club Plus Super prides itself on getting to know its members as people, rather than as data.

“A Club Plus Super member who has a question can ring someone in our office, and that person can ‘walk the floor’, tap into a wealth of knowledge and solve the question on the spot,” Stefan says.

Stefan says the first thing he did as CEO was ensure the organisation had the right structure, with the right people in the right places.

To that end Club Plus Super recently formed a dedicated member experience team combining member servicing, a contact centre, marketing and communications. A major project is also underway to bring together technology and operations to support a seamless member experience.

“It’s not enough to just have great people, you also need to have great technology to allow them to do a great job.” Stefan explains.

Stefan says Club Plus Super will continue to evolve with the industry and a new division has been created, led by Craig O’Loughlin, focused on achieving growth through new opportunities and partnerships.

“The club industry has changed so much – these days your local club can be a hub for medical services, child care, aged care, sports and retail, as well as great entertainment and hospitality,” he says.

“Clubs are looking to their local community, seeing the vital role that they play, and they’re changing with the times. That’s exactly what Club Plus Super is doing as well – continually evolving to support and enhance the journey of our members to retire on their own terms.”

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