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Investing responsibly for our future

At Club Plus Super, we believe in responsible investment because it helps build a better future for our members and the generations to come.

What is responsible investing?

Responsible investment takes into consideration the impact – both positive and negative – on the natural environment as well as on people and society, when making investment decisions. 

How we integrate environmental, social and corporate governance into investing

When looking at a potential investment, our investment managers assess not just the opportunities of a particular investment, but also the risks. The factors they may consider include climate change, resource scarcity, renewable energy and pollution, as well as workplace practices such as modern slavery, social inclusion, and safety.

Our responsible investments

We invest in a number of wind farms across Australia, generating enough clean energy to power millions of Australian homes and save a significant amount in greenhouse gas emissions every year. 

Building of the wind turbines at Bald Wind Hills.

We also invest in Alice Springs airport which has a large onsite solar installation that generates up to 100% of the daily energy needs. This solar power significantly reduces carbon emissions and delivers cost savings to increase the long-term value of the airport.

And then there is our investment in Wyuna Water which operates filtration plants that provide clean water to more than 500,000 people in Sydney.  This operation is powered completely by a hydro-electric facility that enables it to be entirely energy self-sufficient, exporting renewable energy back to the grid.

Our award-winning investments

In 2019, one of our investments, the Lendlease APPF Commercial Fund, with a portfolio of 21 Australian office towers, was ranked first on environmental, social and governance criteria by Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) – against 960 other global participants. GRESB is a recognised independent specialist organisation that defines the global standard for sustainability performance in real estate and infrastructure assets.

In addition, a number of office towers in this fund, such as the three International Towers at Barangaroo in Sydney and 66 Eagle Street in Brisbane, have been awarded the highest green star performance rating by the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), a national rating system that measures the environmental performance (energy, water and carbon intensity) of buildings.

How we work with our partners

We leverage the specialist skills and resources of our asset consultant and more than 25 experienced global investment managers. This ensures the investments we make, not only deliver strong long-term returns for members, but help protect or improve the welfare of the community and the environment. 

With the help of our asset consultant we are very careful about the investment managers we choose. You’ll find a list these on our website

Our commitment to a better future

At Club Plus Super, we are confident that our commitment to responsible investing will continue to make a real difference to the environment and society and provide a better future for our members