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With us, you have a fund for life

It’s easy to take Club Plus Super with you from job to job

Today’s 18-year-old can expect to have up to 17 different jobs across five careers in their lifetime. That can mean multiple super accounts and multiple sets of fees for those accounts. The good news is we make it easy to take your Club Plus Super account with you through life, no matter where you work.

Your membership matters

While our members now represent all industries, our club and hospitality background continues to shape our strong service ethic. We understand how important it is to provide the highest standard of service and respect the vital role local communities play in our members’ lives.

A fund for all your life stages

Although the club industry is in our DNA, our award-winning super, pension and financial advice solutions are designed to serve members from all industries across Australia.

The experience and training provided by the club industry produces many great employees. While most of our members start their careers at a club, almost 42% now apply their skills in other industries. In addition to the club industry, members are employed in a range of industries with the top non-club employers such as, hospitality, retail trade, admin and support services, and construction, amongst others – and they’ve taken us with them.

Changing jobs?

Whenever you change jobs, you can continue to have your super paid to your Club Plus Super account even if you’re no longer in the club industry. All you have to do is just fill out this form and give it to your new employer.