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An update for employers

During these unusual, extraordinary times, we recognise that you and your staff are facing personal and professional challenges: a downturn in the economy, changes to employment, financial hardship and COVID-19 health concerns.

For this reason, we want to provide an update on what Club Plus Super is doing to help you get through this difficult period, including a message from our Chair Janet Torney, CEO Stefan Strano, and Head of Partnerships and Growth, Craig O’Loughlin. We’ve also provided information on what financial and other support is available to you and your business.

A message from Janet Torney, Chair of Club Plus Super

Club Plus Super Chair, Janet Torney, has been on the board for nearly five years. She and our board members acknowledge the devastating human tragedy that has unfolded globally and recognise the impact this pandemic is having on employers, members and families.

Over the past few months, the board has been in constant contact with the Club Plus Super leadership team. This includes ensuring there are robust governance, strategic direction and risk management processes in place to safeguard the fund’s resilience to volatile economic and market changes.

The message from our chair is that employers should feel confident knowing that their business and member’s super is still in good hands:

Club Plus Super has strong, consistent investment performance, is a best-value-for money industry super fund* and, most importantly, is providing members with exceptional personal service.

A message from Stefan, Chief Executive Officer of Club Plus Super

During these difficult times, our CEO Stefan knows it’s easy for employers to become disheartened – especially if their staff are experiencing financial hardship. That is why he is encouraging all employers to stay connected to their super fund.

Keeping in touch by email or through the Club Plus Super website will help employers to keep up-to-date with government announcements, such as the JobKeeper payments, and any other payments that they or their staff may be eligible to receive.

Many employers would be aware of the government’s initiative for early release of superannuation which allows eligible individuals to access up to $20,000 of their super this year. Stefan says:

While this may be an opportunity for members to access much-needed funds, it’s important for them to know how their super balance could be affected at retirement if they choose to access their super funds now. I encourage you to ask your employees to read more about the early release of super here before they decide to access their super.

Stefan is also concerned about employers’ wellbeing but is confident that their future is looking positive:

I know that times are tough at the moment but I am encouraged by the strength, resolve and optimism of people I speak with every day. So if you need help or if you just have a question about your business or your super, get in touch with us through our website, contact centre or your local Member Services Manager. We will get through this, there will be better times again and we will be with you, every step of the way.

Message from Craig O’Loughlin, Head of Partnerships and Growth

Head of Partnerships and Growth, Craig O’Loughlin wants employers to know about the extensive support available to them: through marketing communications, regular updates to the website, via social media and through their member services managers who are now available via email, mobile, Linkedin and webchat.

Another initiative currently being piloted at Club Plus Super is a webinar for employers, staff and members so they can access current information about government and other support which is available. If you’re interested in working with the team to run a webinar for your staff, please contact Craig or your local member services manager.

Craig also wants to remind employers to sign up for EmployerAccess for information about their business and to use MemberAccess for personal super accounts.

He is proud of the support being provided by the contact centre who have experienced a significant upturn in calls but have managed to reduce waiting times.

“Through this really tough period, I couldn’t be prouder of our team as they have really stepped up to the task resulting in minimal wait times.

Craig is inspired by the number of employers who are determined to get through this difficult period:

“I’ve been overwhelmingly humbled by so many of our employers reaching out with words of encouragement, words of solidarity and just a simple message that we will get through this. I couldn’t agree more and everyone here at Club Plus are doing their absolute best to make sure our employers and our members are supported now and in better times.”

Do your employees need more information?
Tell them to visit to our Covid-19 support page.

*A “best value for money” superannuation fund, SuperRatings, February 2020