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Jamie’s choices could change his future

There’s an old saying about never putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

The decisions you make about your super today will really make a difference to how much you will have for tomorrow.

Recently, we asked our members to do three things that could make a difference to their super and close the gap left by COVID-19 on their investments, insurance and savings by:  

  1. choosing the right investment option  
  2. reviewing their insurance cover
  3. boosting their savings for retirement.

Here’s what one of our members, Jamie, decided to do.

Jamie tells us about three things that will change his tomorrow.

Jamie’s story

Jamie is the Catering Supervisor at Blacktown Workers Club with a team of 30 plus staff. Like a lot of younger members, he had collected three other super accounts before joining Club Plus Super in 2012, so he had plenty of experience dealing with other super funds.

Jamie decided that what was important to him was getting personal service.

“The biggest difference with Club Plus Super (CPS) for me is the service – the concern for members that CPS representatives have – on the phone and in person.”

So, he contacted his local Club Plus Super representative:

“Brett, our club’s member services manager, is absolutely fantastic. He has helped many of us at the club make sure we are set up for the long term when it comes to our super. If it wasn’t for Brett, I would not have looked into my superannuation so deeply.”

1. Choosing the right investment option

After chatting with Brett, Jamie decided to consolidate his different super accounts into one so he’s not paying unnecessary fees from having more than one super account.

With all his money together, Jamie considered which investment option was right for him. Knowing that he would be working for another 30-plus years, Jamie decided he matched the ‘Starting Out investor’ profile and opted for a growth investment strategy, which suits longer term investors who understand they can afford to be invested in higher-risk options that aim to deliver higher long-term returns.

“I spent time considering what investment option was right for me and switched from the default to the high-growth option,” said Jamie.

History shows that through volatile times, growth investments, such as shares, can outperform more conservative investment options over the longer term — even through volatile markets, such as the Global Financial Crisis, as the table below shows.

2. Reviewing his insurance cover

Jamie is very aware that life, and work, can be unpredictable. So, he reviewed his existing insurance cover and decided he was happy with the current insurances offered by Club Plus Super.

These include longer term cover in the event of death or unforeseen events, such as total and permanent disability (TPD), as well as income protection cover to protect him from illness or injury in the short term.

3. Boosting his savings

Jamie looked at the various ways to top up his super, which include before-tax and after-tax contributions. After checking with his employer, Jamie opted to save more for his future through salary sacrifice which allows him to have some of his pre-tax pay invested into his super so he’ll pay less tax on his income. Put simply, he can put more into his super by using before-tax dollars to contribute and benefit from compound interest or building “interest on interest” to increase his wealth.

“I’m only 28, so, I have time to ride out the higher risk for the higher reward. My ability to contribute may fluctuate given the industry I’m in, so I put in as much as I can – every little bit helps.”

After years of watching his parents work hard and save for their family’s future, Jamie recognises how important it is to make every dollar count:

“My attitude to superannuation and money generally has been influenced by my family. Mum and Dad ran three separate businesses when I was young – they worked very hard. I used to help Dad on Sundays with the paperwork and the cash management – rolling up the coins and bundling the notes properly for the bank. Like a lot of self-employed people, they often didn’t pay themselves – super has always been important to me because of that lesson from them.”

Want to know more?
If you’d like to find out how you can do three things today that could change your tomorrow, speak with one of our member services managers, contact us through our website or call our Contact Centre on 1800 680 627.

Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance and returns are not guaranteed

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