Default cover

Industry Division Members

For Industry Division members, Death, Terminal Illness & Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover and Short Term Income Protection insurance is automatic. This means that for Death, Terminal Illness & TPD, you won’t have to provide any evidence of health and you’ll still be covered for 1 unit up to age 70.

New members who join the Industry Division have the option to take up a second unit of Death, Terminal Illness & TPD cover within 60 days of receiving their welcome letter.

Personal Division Members

New eligible members of Club Plus Super's Personal Division have the option to take up one unit of Death, Terminal Illness & TPD cover and up to $5,000 per month Short Term Income Protection cover within 60 days of receiving their welcome letter without providing evidence of health. Cover provided this way will be subject to a 3 year pre-existing condition and suicide exclusion.

If additional cover is required or the Personal Division member does not want the 3 year exclusion, they can apply with the insurer by completing a Personal Statement form. Their request will be subject to the insurer accepting their cover with satisfactory evidence of health.

Death, Terminal Illness, Total & Permanent Disablement Cover

The automatic insurance cover provided is unitised. One unit of cover costs $3.20 per week.

The actual amount of cover will depend on your age and will decrease each year as you get older (see table below).

AgeNext Birthday Cover (One Unit) $ Age Cover (One Unit) $
16-40 131,500 54 17,500
41 116,800 55 14,700
42 102,300 56 13,200
43 87,600 57 11,800
44 73,000 58 10,400
45 58,500 59 8,700
46 52,600 60 7,300
47 46,800 61 6,100
48 40,900 62 4,900
49 35,100 63 3,700
50 29,200 64 2,500
51 26,300 65 1,300
52 23,400 66- 70 900
53 20,500

You can apply for extra insurance by completing a Personal Statement form

Find out more information about additional cover.

Income Protection Cover

Short Term Income Protection covers you for up to 90% of your salary for which Superannuation Guarantee contributions have been paid by your employer if you are a member of the Industry Division and is payable for a maximum period of two years.

The cost of insurance is deducted each time your employer makes an SG contribution and is equal to 9.35% of the employer (SG) contribution paid to your account.

For Personal Division members, the cost of cover is deducted monthly and equal to 0.849% of the insured income advised.